Empowerment, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing crucial emotional support for lower-income students, has undergone a transformative branding journey. In this project, I took on the challenge of envisioning and crafting the organization's entire brand identity. From logos and business cards to postcards, envelopes, brand guidelines, letterheads, and ID passes, every element has been carefully curated to reflect Empowerment's mission of fostering mindfulness, self-confidence, and self-growth.

Disclosure: School Project

Brand Strategy

In crafting a brand for a business or company, it was imperative to delve into Empowerment's mission, vision, and values. This involved exploring what the company uniquely offers, the message it aims to convey, and the intended emotional impact when individuals encounter its logo and other branding materials. Understanding these key elements provided a solid foundation for shaping a distinctive and resonant brand identity.

CMYK: 0 80 78 0
RGB: 255 90 62
CMYK: 95 68 45 35
RGB: 16 64 86
HEX: #104056
CMYK: 88 33 60 14
RGB: 0 119 108
HEX: #00776C
CMYK: 9 5 47 0
RGB: 235 227 157

Marketing Materials


In this project, I strategically considered the colors, symbolism, and overall vibe aligned with Empowerment's mission, vision, and values. The branding extends beyond a one-dimensional perspective; it's not merely visual but a conscious, holistic approach to embodying the intention and meaning behind those descisions.