Web Application


NexTask, a Roydan subsidiary, collaborates with Twilio , leveraging Twilio Flex for essential contact center functions. I transformed Roydan's legacy product, Bloodhound, into Nextask, integrating robust features like voicemail, supervisor tools, and user configurations. Nextask's masonry layout, known as mosaics, allows users to customize data according to their preferences.

Design Team: Toua Thao, Will Kyle


The project faced the challenge of modernizing the outdated legacy product, Bloodhound, necessitating a design and functionality refresh. NexTask, built on Twilio Flex, should be compatible with Twilio's design kit library, Twilio Paste. The new product should provide flexibility, robust configurations, and customizations, catering to diverse customer needs.


The solution required navigating through multiple design iterations, incorporating valuable user feedback obtained through interviews. Additionally, effective communication with developers was crucial to ensure technical feasibility throughout the enhancement process.

Research and User Insights

The user journey involved comprehensive feedback gathered through interviews and iterative testing, playing a pivotal role in shaping NexTask's redesign. This data-driven approach ensured that the final product not only met technical requirements but also seamlessly aligned with the expectations and preferences of our users.

High Fidelity Wireframes


This project stands out as a significant milestone, marking my inaugural real-world design experience. The success of the V1 final product is a testament to the lessons learned throughout this journey. I gained valuable insights into the nuances of team collaboration and effective communication. Delegating work and tasks among designers emerged as a pivotal aspect, underscoring the importance of clear roles and streamlined coordination.