Web Application


Nexus is a streamlined API integration management. Designed for simplicity, Nexus empowers users to effortlessly handle, monitor, and optimize API connections.


Crafting an interface that caters to diverse user expertise while ensuring intuitive navigation and aesthetic appeal is paramount. The challenge is to seamlessly integrate robust features without overwhelming users, fostering an accessible and user-friendly API integration management experience.


Collaborating closely with the developers, I ensure a seamless integration of design elements into the Nexus platform. Regular communication and feedback loops are established to address any technical constraints and refine the user interface accordingly. By fostering a strong designer-developer partnership, I aim to create a harmonious synergy between design aesthetics and technical functionality, resulting in an optimal user experience for API integration management.

Research and User Insights

Recognizing my limited knowledge in API processes, I proactively sought to bridge that gap by actively pursuing information and collaboration with developers from Terazo, a company specialized in API. This strategic partnership allowed me to tap into their expertise, gaining valuable insights into API intricacies. Through collaborative efforts, I aimed to merge their knowledge with my design skills, ensuring a more informed and robust approach to crafting the Nexus interface for API integration management.

High Fidelity Wireframes


This experience highlighted the transformative power of strategic partnerships, emphasizing that bridging knowledge disparities through collaboration can lead to a more informed and effective design process. The key lesson learned is the value of humility in acknowledging gaps, the eagerness to seek expertise, and the collaborative spirit required to create a robust solution that aligns seamlessly with user needs.