Trevor Project

The Trevor Project is an organization devoted to crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth. In this project, I delved into the impact of postcards. This project takes shape in two parts: the first postcard, a symbol of generosity through donation, and the second, a compelling call to action.

Disclosure: School Project

Postcard One Objective

Design a compelling postcard with a persuasive message to encourage people to donate to the charity. Highlight the charity's mission, impact, and the importance of contributions in a visually engaging manner.

Postcard Two Objective

Create a call-to-action postcard motivating recipients to engage in specific actions for the charity.


CMYK: 0 80 78 0
RGB: 255 90 62
CMYK: 95 68 45 35
RGB: 16 64 86
HEX: #104056
CMYK: 88 33 60 14
RGB: 0 119 108
HEX: #00776C
CMYK: 9 5 47 0
RGB: 235 227 157


The power of generosity and active engagement, as demonstrated by the donation and call to action postcards, highlights the potential for positive change. It's a reminder that even seemingly small actions can collectively create a ripple effect of compassion, providing hope and connection for those in need.